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How to Buy a Snowboard Package

Man with Snowboard Package: Board, Bindings and BootsThere are several things you want to look at when buying snowboarding gear. In fact, it can sometimes be overwhelming. Let’s make it easy!

“Packages” Have Lots of Benefits… One of the benefits to buying a snowboard package (besides saving time and money) is that it simplifies the shopping process. Most packages are designed to provide lots of different features to accommodate a variety of riders, therefore giving you more bang for your buck.

You can:

  1. Buy a pre-made snowboard package where the board, boots and bindings (or just board and bindings) are picked out for you or…
  2. Custom design your own snowboard package.

It doesn’t get any easier than this.

Here’s What to Look For in a Snowboard Package:

1. Snowboard Size:

In general, you want the length of your board to come between your chest and your chin when standing on it’s tip. Plus, sizing suggestions also can vary by board manufacturer and of course personal preference.

Faster, more aggressive riders or people who weigh more than average for their height may opt for a longer board. On the other hand, beginners (or smaller people) may prefer a shorter board.

2. Snowboard Riding Style

How to Buy a Snowboard Package and Save MoneyMost snowboard packages include boards designed for all-mountain riding. In other words, they can handle different types of riding (ie. terrain parks, pipes, rails, powder or groomed trails).

That said, boards come in 2 different styles:

Freestyle and Freeride Snowboards:

Freestyle boards are designed for people who spend their time in terrain parks, who like to do jumps and spins and ride switch (with the back foot in front).

Freeride boards are ideal for people who spend more time on groomed trails and who ride with the same foot forward most of the time.

3. Convenience & Comfort to Look For

Most beginners have no idea what features to look for in snowboard boots and bindings. However, these can be as important as the sizing and riding style of your board, since you can spend all day in your gear.

Kevin Ryan, author of The Illustrated Guide to Snowboarding, says that highback bindings will offer more support in heelside turns the higher they are in the back. The lower they are, the more flexible they will be. That said, you can change binding performance by adjusting the ankle straps higher(for greater control) or lower (for more flexibility).

Below is a helpful video clip from Transworld Snowboarding Magazine on how to find the right snowboard boots for you.

More Helpful Hints on How to Buy a Snowboard Package:

  1. Lighter weight gear is better.
  2. Bindings (and boots) that offer more flex or are more flexible are better and more comfortable for beginners. Bindings that have a higher stiffness rating are better for precision turns.
  3. Binding that are easy to get on and off or have a quick-release feature are really nice to have after a long day on the slopes.
  4. Many people prefer boots with the BOA lacing system because you don’t have to lace up your boots – you simply twist a knob.
  5. Some boots come with a heat moldable liner, which conforms to your foot for a more customized fit.
  6. Boot liners sometimes come with an antimicrobial feature, which keeps boots from smelling like, well, the inside of a boot.