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System Flite Women's Snowboard Package - Low Price

Save $$ on an Entry-Level Snowboard Package

Get a Snowboard, Boots & Bindings for Less than $400. Stable, Confidence-Building Gear for Beginners + Cozy Boots & Bindings Make Learning Easier.

Compare Womens Beginner Snowboard Packages

Compare womens beginner snowboard packages before you buy! First, shop prices, ratings, special features and more. Then, find the best snowboard for you, using this simple side-by-side comparison chart. Plus, these bundled packages can save you money!

Top Snowboard Packages

Price (approx) Rating
Snowboard Bindings Boots Package & Special Features

Women’s Symbolic Knotty
Snowboard Package

Women's Symbolic Knotty Snowboard Package
$350-$450 4.5/5 Symbolic Knotty Symbolic Freestyle Varies by Size Hybrid rocker profile makes this snowboard easy to turn in both directions. Plus, it has good edge hold on hard pack and low vibration for a more comfortable ride. Made for freestyle, all mountain riding.
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System Flite
Women’s Snowboard

Beginner System Flite Snowboard Package for Women
$370-$499 4.5/5 System Flite Siren Lux Siren Mystic Flat board base provides a stable, predictable ride, while the nose/tail rockers prevent catching an edge. Lightweight design, plush boots full-pad bindings make riding extra comfortable for beginners. Select Your Package Size

Symbolic Freedom
Snowboard Package

Symbolic Freedowm Snowboard Package with Bindings, Boots for Women
$345-$400 4.6/5 Symbolic Freedom Symbolic Varies by Size Hybrid rocker profile makes this snowboard easy to turn in both directions. Plus, it has good edge hold on hard pack, low vibration and cool reclaimed wood board graphics. Designed for all mountain riding. Choose Your Size

Burton Stylus
Snowboard Package

Womens Snowboard Package with Board, Boots and Bindings
$799 $650 4.0/5 Burton Stylus Burton Citizen K2 Benes

This board is designed more for freestyle riders, with greater mobility for more versatile riding. Plus, it feels easier to control and is very forgiving if you happen to turn too quick or not fast enough. As a result, it’s easier to learn on. Choose Your Set

Women’s ROXY Dawn
Snowboard Package

ROXY Snowboard Package for Women
$820 $599 4.9/5 ROXY Dawn Ride CL-4 Ride Sage Easy-gooing forgiving board that’s ideal for beginners learning to snowboard. Plus, it has excellent edge hold, giving you more control and confidence while riding. Select Your Size.
Women's Beginner Snowboard Package Deal: Salomon Lotus with Bindings and Boots

What to Look for in Womens Beginner Snowboard Packages:

Tip #1: Boot Size You want the boots to have a snug fit, but you don’t want your toes to touch the front of the shoe. Therefore, size up if you shoe size falls in between boot sizes. Plus, most likely you will be wearing thick wool socks, and you can always double up on socks. (By the way, boots are waterproof.)

Tip #2: Bindings When you receive your snowboard package, you’ll need to attach the bindings to the board. However, this is a simple task, and all hardware needed is included in the kit.

Tip #3: Snowboard Size Snowboard size can vary by skill level. That said, you can use the sizing chart below to get a general idea of the best snowboard size for you.


Approximate Snowboarder Height:
Suggested Snowboard Length: