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Women’s Beginner Snowboard Packages

My favorite way to shop is the easy way. Especially as a newbie, I didn’t know what gear I needed to buy or the features I should look for. Below I discuss how to buy women’s beginner snowboard packages.

Snowboard packages make the buying process simple. You can rest assured that the binding will fit the board and the boot will fit the binding. No guesswork necessary.
Here are my top picks (and by the way, these sets are great for intermediate riders too!):

Women’s Beginner Snowboard Package on Sale Under $350:

System 2020 Womens Snowboard Package with Boots, Bindings and Board

Beginner Snowboarding Tips:

My first piece of advice is to take a lesson. You probably already know that, but seriously, this one tip can help you progress a lot faster.

There is a steep learning curve when it comes to snowboarding. This means that you can learn and excel quickly as long as you give yourself a few days.

The first few days learning how to snowboard can be challenging. It is also expected to go through some wear and tear as you fall down.

The best way to minimize and even eliminate soreness after your first day on the slopes is to wear the right gear. You want to prevent yourself from getting banged up. Get a helmet, knee pads, wrist guards and my personal favorite, the butt pad.

All of these accessories can prevent wrist, knee or head injuries, which make them worth the investment. However, I also discovered that wearing these items boosted my confidence and helped me take more risks on the bunny slope. This helped me move on to the intermediate trails much sooner.

Having a cushioned butt is ultimate comfort when falling down the hill. It makes you want to get up and try again, and it may be the deal-breaker when it comes to successfully learning to ride down the slopes – or not.