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System Flite Women's Snowboard Package - Low Price

Save $$ on an Entry-Level Snowboard Package

Get a Snowboard, Boots & Bindings for Less than $400. Stable, Confidence-Building Gear for Beginners + Cozy Boots & Bindings Make Learning Easier.

Get a Niche Minx Snowboard Package for 50% Off

Niche Minx Women's Snowboard Package with Board, Bindings & Boots

What a great deal! This women’s snowboard package is over 50% off right now. Instead of paying over $700, you can save several hundred dollars and pay only $349.

I love deals like this, because now you can put the money you save towards a season pass, lessons or even a new snowboard jacket.

Furthermore, this is an intermediate-advanced rider package, which means that even if you are a beginner, you will be able to use this gear for years to come. Another cost savings. (Are you seeing a theme here?)

If I need snowboarding gear, and I can can super great deals like this one, I typically don’t look too deep into the special features of the board. As long as I know I am getting good-quality snowboard equipment that will keep me comfortable, I am ready to make my shopping experience quick and easy. (You know what I mean.)

However, let’s go over that this package includes and why you may or may not want it.

Women's Niche Snowboard with Flat Camber

The Niche Minx Snowboard has a flat camber profile, providing stability for the rider. The flat surface is advantageous for beginners as well as building confidence when learning new moves. It’s also great for floating in powder.

It also features a soft flex for when you advance to rails and boxes in the park. The bio-resin they use to dampen vibrations has more elasticity than regular resins. Another advantage.

More about snowboard flex and how to know what’s best for you:

What you may not know about Niche Snowboards (the company) is that they use eco-friendlier alternative construction materials to make their boards. This results in actually making their boards lighter, better vibration dampening, added elasticity and greater durability.

Who knew sustainability had so many advantages? Now you can feel even better when you slide over powder, passing in between trees.

Millenium 3 BindingThe Millenium 3 Solstice 4 Bindings provide a solid fit, yet they are flexible and responsive as well. Combine these features with the stability of the flat camber snowboard, and you’ve got a winning match for riders who want to feel more “in control” of their board.

The adjustment ratchets on the bindings are easy to get on and off as well, which is very convenient when you get on and off the chairlift. The wide, perforated leather straps snugly secure your snowboard boots, so you can ride in comfort without even feeling the strap of the binding.

Burton Sapphire BootBurton Sapphire Boots are also included in the package. Most people love this because Burton snowboard boots are so popular (and, of course, well-made).

These boots are super comfortable, with their Thinsulate inner lining. I don’t think there’s anything better for keeping your feet dry and warm all day long.

When I was younger and was learning to ski, I always remember my feet being cold and wet. It’s one of the worst feelings ever when you’re on the slopes trying to have a good time.

Sapphires are also really lightweight, making it easier to lean, switch and get air while your riding down the slopes.

Niche Minx Snowboard Package Specs:

  • Package Includes (1) Niche Minx Snowboard (2) Millenium 3 Solstice 4 Snowboard Bindings and (3) Burton Sapphire Snowboard Boots
  • Style of Board: Freestyle
  • Skill Range: Intermediate to Advanced
  • Snowboard Rocker Profile: Flat

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