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System Flite Women's Snowboard Package - Low Price

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Get a Snowboard, Boots & Bindings for Less than $400. Stable, Confidence-Building Gear for Beginners + Cozy Boots & Bindings Make Learning Easier.

50% Sale Now – Joyride Checkers Snowboard Package

Joyride Checkers Black Cosmo Women's Snowboard Package

The Joyride Checkers Snowboard Package is made for women and perfect for beginners. The price won’t break the bank either. Right now, you can get the entire package, including boots, bindings and snowboard for under $250!

The JoyRide Checkers Black Snowboard has a camber profile which provides greater control that’s ideal for new snowboarders. It also has great edge hold, so riders can learn and perform turns with more confidence.

I think features that help riders build confidence quickly are especially important. Why? Because you can learn faster and enjoy the sport more.

In addition, the Joyride Checkers has a little pop, so beginners can advance to the intermediate level and try new jumps without having to switch to a new board. (That is, unless you want to)…

Millenium 3 BindingThe Millenium 3 Solstice 4 Bindings provide a solid fit, yet they are flexible and responsive as well. Combine these features with the stability of the flat camber snowboard, and you’ve got a winning match for riders who want to feel more “in control” of their board.

The adjustment ratchets on the bindings are easy to get on and off as well, which is very convenient when you get on and off the chairlift. The wide, perforated leather straps snugly secure your snowboard boots, so you can ride in comfort without even feeling the strap of the binding.

Millenium 3 Cosmo Boots match the bindings like they were made to be together with a subtle yet bright pink trim. The traditional no-frills lacing system keeps the price affordable, yet these boots come with metal lacing eyelets that securely lock the laces in place. No more continuous adjusting each time you ride down the slope.

In addition, the lacing system also locks the liner in place, which in turn gives your heels a very secure and comfortable feel. The boot liner, by the way, is super plush and will keep your feet warm all day long.

Package Includes:

  • JoyRide Checkers Black Snowboard
  • Millenium 3 Solstice 4 Snowboard Bindings
  • Millenium 3 Cosmo Snowboard Boots

Joyride Checkers Snowboard Package Specs:

  • Style: All Mountain
  • Snowboard Rocker Profile: Camber
  • Skill: Beginner – Intermediate
  • Model Year: 2013
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