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System Flite Women's Snowboard Package - Low Price

Save $$ on an Entry-Level Snowboard Package

Get a Snowboard, Boots & Bindings for Less than $400. Stable, Confidence-Building Gear for Beginners + Cozy Boots & Bindings Make Learning Easier.

2B1 Women’s Beginner Snowboard Package – 50% Off

Yes, snowboarding season is right around the corner. You wouldn’t expect to find deals on snowboard packages right now, especially ones at over 50% off.

However, if you look in the right places, you can find them. I found an awesome deal on a women’s beginner snowboard package that is only $250! (Retail Value $599.97)

Women's Beginner Snowboard Package

There was another great deal I found on a Burton snowboard package, but that one already sold out. I imagine this one will too, seeing that the price is a steal. (I hate to say that to people, but most times these pre-season discounts are not meant to last, if you know what I mean).

What’s Included in the 2B1 Paint Women’s Snowboard Package

What I like about beginner equipment is that it gives people the opportunity to test out snowboarding gear without having to invest in expensive equipment. You can also save money on equipment rentals as well.

If you seriously plan on learning the sport, you could easily spend $250 in rentals by the end of the season. Definitely in 2 seasons.

Women's Beginner Solstice Snowboard BindingsThen, when you’re done learning and you want to upgrade your gear, you can usually sell your old snowboard, boots and bindings for extra cash. You obviously can’t do that when renting, which essentially means that you’ve lost that money.

Something that I didn’t mention is that this snowboarding package is actually designed for both beginners and intermediate riders. You don’t have to give it up after just one season. Nor do you have to be a beginner to enjoy the savings…

Oh, and another thing I want to mention. This is an all-mountain board, so you can ride it all over the place. It’s more versatile than a freestyle, freeride or powder board (more on types).

Key Features of the 2B1 Women’s Beginner Snowboard Package

While at this low price you may not care exactly what the features are to this package. However, I’ll tell you just in case you want to know.

1. 2B1 Paint Black/White Snowboard

The snowboard has a camber profile, which makes it responsive and gives you that “pop”. This is great for people who want to learn jumps because it gives you a little advantage. The board has a nice grip, which makes turning easier and helps beginners build their confidence faster.

2. Millenium 3 Solstice 4 Snowboard Bindings

The bindings have an adjustment ratchet that is easy to use, so you’re not spending a lot of time taking your board on and off while on the slopes. They are designed for a solid fit, providing both adequate flex and response.

3. Millenium 3 Cosmo Snowboard Boots

Cosmo Women's Snowboard BootsI prefer the BOA lacing system above all else, but when the BOA technology costs too much, look for laces that lock into place. It makes getting your boots on and off much easier. These boots feature the lacing lock-in system.

The plush liner has a neoprene flex panel to help keep your feet comfortable all day long. The laces also help hold the liner in place, so you aren’t stuck re-adjusting it after each run

Your snowboard boot size will typically be the same as your shoe size. That said, it’s a good idea to make sure they fit well when you get them. This video explains how to know if the boot fits:

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